Monday, April 05, 2004
The Valet You Don't Have To Tip - The mesmerizing extravagance of mechanized parking. By Josh Levin - By Josh Levin: "Even the product's name reeks of inessential futurism. The Multiparker MP 710 sounds more like a sidebar to an eighth-grader's 'City of the Future' project, or a big-ticket item in the Sharper Image for Municipalities catalog, than an inevitable feature of the coming urban landscape. Like a robotic vacuum cleaner or a remote-control lawn mower, the automated parking garage is an object that adds almost nothing to the original. Except that it's really cool.

Josh Levin is a Slate editorial assistant. "

jaynote: this is IMHO oneof the stupidest statements I've ever read. Give him a Roomba for a week or two and he'll change his mind

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