Monday, April 05, 2004
Merrillville schools ban pink clothes "Officials have banned pink clothing for the remainder of the school year out of concerns that the color has become associated with gang activity.

Administrators last week told students at the city's high school and two middle schools to avoid wearing pink clothing or accessories, said Michael Berta, associate superintendent in the Northwestern Indiana district.

'There is no evidence of gang activity. But because of the growing use of the color pink we decided to be proactive. Girls and boys are supposed to avoid wearing pink,' Berta said Monday.

None of the district's 6,500 students have been disciplined for wearing pink, he said.

Berta said the issue came up at a recent administrator's meeting when a principal remarked that there were more students wearing pink. 'Not only were there more kids wearing pink T-shirts and pink hats, but also pink shoelaces, which was unusual,' he said.

Clothing retailers said pink is a popular color in current styles.

'About 30 percent of my items for this season are pink. It's 'in.' I have pink in every shade,' said Amanda Zipko, owner of Amanda Gayle's boutique in Schererville."

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