Monday, April 05, 2004
Bill Swartz: "Follow The Money" Game Developers Conference 2004 Speech "One of this year's business lectures was 'Follow the Money: Understanding Console Publishers,' where Bill Swartz of new publisher Mastiff Games laid out what you need to know to start a game publishing company.

For his presentation, Swartz put together various slides showing where the money goes for a hypothetical game. While not based on an actual title, Swartz said his example is based on a 'pretty real game,' and compared it to an equivalent of Bloody Roar.

Part of the problem with putting together an example, Swartz said, is that this is a hit-driven industry. Games will either bomb and sell 40,000 copies or less, or do extremely well with 300,000 or more sold. Because of this, an example like Bloody Roar is rare, since that is a game that will sell around 90,000 -- it hits the 'average' that doesn't tend to exist most of the time. However, Swartz claims that the percentages seen in his mock-up would not change drastically for a game that sold 900,000 copies, so the example should hold true for most games."

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