Monday, April 05, 2004
Disney Princess CD Jewelry/Stash Box JOHNSON
'Disney' and 'electronics' may not be two words you normally associate, but someone else obviously did, because there is now a 'Disney Electronics,' and they're working hard to build new products on the Brand That Walt Built. Rather than simply rebrand existing products with the Disney name and characters--although there is certainly some of that going on, as well--DE is trying to create unique products that appeal to its core demographics. Capitalizing on the success of the $300m 'Disney Princess' brand is this stereo CD jewelry box, with front-mounted controls and a not-so-secret secret compartment (perfect for your child's first marijuana stash). While the pink and purple box probably clashes with your high-end stereo equipment, the princesses on the top (and cutesy but unique design) will probably suit the horse-loving girl in your family just fine. The new Disney Princess line is set to launch in late April.

Update: Disney has asked me to make it clear that marijuana stashing is not an intended or authorized use of this product."

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