Monday, April 05, 2004
Geeks in the Grocery Store
The HortPlus Quick Measure Penetrometer System is the ideal solution for improving accuracy and improving efficiency of collecting your fruit firmness measurements. The Quick Meausre Penetrometer System consists of two parts:

Motorised test stand. The motorised test stand standardises the testing environment and eliminates the single largest source of variation and error in your testing procedures. In addition to improved accuracy the motorised stand improves speed of your operators and reduces operator fatigue. Use your own standard penetrometer or the electronic load cell described below for greater automation of acquiring fruit firmness data.

Load cell and PC software. Use the electronic load cell in place of your usual penetrometer and gain the added benefits of collecting fruit firmness data directly to PC. Eliminate another major source of error, further improve operator efficiency, eliminate the need for someone to enter data into a computer, and get immediate results for a batch of fruit.

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