Sunday, April 25, 2004
Google adjusts Adsense pricing "Search engine giant Google has reduced the price of ads placed through its Adsense advertising service, reducing the costs to advertisers, but also reducing the revenues delivered to websites that use the service.

Recognising that ads placed next to sometimes completely unrelated content is less effective than ads placed next to search results, the Californian search company has adjusted its ad pricing.

Advertisers, who pay every time a user clicks on their ads, had complained that websurfers specifically looking for something and clicked through an ad placed on a search results page resulted in more business than those who noticed an ad on a website, and had been asking for some time for a differential pricing schedule that recognised the varying worth to marketers of search ads and content ads.

Google has also said that it is moving ahead with an ad placement service as part of its Gmail webmail service currently in beta-testing mode, as well as a programme delivering ads in e-mail newsletters.

Source(s): Reuters"

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