Monday, April 05, 2004
jaynote: this is just so scarily wrong on so many levels
WorldNetDaily: NASA finds religion on Mars: "In response, many NASA-funded scientists are ecstatic. In short, they assume the presence of water is a necessary condition for life. And since a great many of them also assume life evolved on earth, they believe it must have evolved on other planets as well. That means they view the discovery of the past-presence of water on Mars as a twofer. First, it's a big return on the billions of dollars poured into space research. Second, it brings believers in evolution one step closer to refueling the weakening presumption of this theory on earth.

The question is 'Will they find any signs of past or present life on Mars? If they do, what will it really mean?'

By now it should be painfully obvious that for many, space exploration and the search for life on other planets reflect not only man's quest for adventure and knowledge but the search for why we are here and how we arrived. In other words, discover life on Mars; prove evolution; disprove God.

As evidenced by their comments, researchers are already and unabashedly setting the stage to claim evolution was at work on Mars. To which I can only say this is where I part company with many scientists and space enthusiasts.

The bottom line is life cannot rise from inanimate material. No one needs a Ph.D. to know that a rock sitting in a pool of salt water will not produce life "

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* 1995–1996: Forensic Toxicologist at DUI Laboratory, Department of Clinical Pathology, Miami School of Medicine, Miami FL.
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* 1987–1988: Research Assistant for Rad-Cure Corporation, Livingston, NJ

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* 1999 – Virginia State Bar
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