Sunday, April 25, 2004

PhotographyBLOG : "The Lensbaby is the brainchild of professional photographer Craig Strong, who invented the Lensbabies Flexible Lens Mounting System (to give it it's full name) in an effort to replace his Holga film camera with a digital equivalent. It is described on the Lensbaby website as 'the hybrid love children of an old-fashioned bellows camera and an up-tight tilt-shift lens', producing photographs with ' the same soft, roughed-up look produced by a Holga'.

The Lensbaby currently costs $96 for either the Canon or Nikon version

The Lensbaby has a basic, but clever, design that consists of a camera mount at one end, lens tubing in the middle, and an aperture ring and focusing collar at the other end.

The Lensbaby mounts on your camera in the same way as your other camera lenses. On the Canon fitting Lensbaby that I have reviewed, there is a small white mark on the mount, which you line up with the mark on your camera body and then turn clockwise to attach it. The Lensbaby is supplied with an end cap to protect the rear element when it is stored away, again just as with any other lens.

The lens tubing is the part of the lensbaby that allows you to control the effect that it gives. It can be compressed or extended by pulling or pushing the focusing collar at the end of the Lensbaby. This in turn controls what is in focus, with fully compressed focusing on infinity and full extended focusing about 1 foot ahead. To focus on subjects that are between these distances, you have to partly compress the Lensbaby."

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