Sunday, April 25, 2004
The British UI "Are you thinking of hiring a British contractor or firm to design the UI of you product? Before you do that, take a trip to the old country and get some first-hand reconnaisance. That's what I did. The result of my trip is that I came to appreciate the whimsical British approach to solving user-interface problems. Please, don't try it at your software company (or, should I say, stop doing it?).

Exhibit one. Take an English train. It's easy to get on. The trouble starts when the train arrives at your destination. You go to the door with the idea that you can open it and exit the train.

Look at this picture. Do you see any kind of a handle? In the obvious location, you see a steel plate. You push it, kick it--nothing! Maybe there is a button? You start searching, more and more desperately as the train gets ready to continue its ride. If you are lucky, you'll notice a blue plaque above the window.

(go to the article to see the sign, and other good examples)"

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