Monday, April 05, 2004
Scuba Equipment Australia:
Scubadooing means you don’t need to wear a mask or a mouthpiece as in diving, and the air tank and diving weights are on the ScubaDoo, not you!

You are seated on your ScubaDoo, with your head and shoulders within a clear dome, your air constantly replenished from the Scuba tank, enabling you to breathe normally!

Manoeuvrable? You bet! At a rate of 2.5 knots you’re able to ride amongst the spectacular underwater world, or remain stationary while you feed the fish.

Wear your spectacles or contact lenses in the ScubaDoo – No problem!
There’s no need to be a strong swimmer, in fact the ScubaDoo is even used by people with minor disabilities.

Your Dive Instructor will show you the safety techniques of the ScubaDoo, and you’ll be off enjoying yourself in just a few minutes, while those doing a resort scuba dive are still doing their class.

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