Sunday, April 25, 2004
Norwegian Bluetooth I have a problem with Bluetooth headsets, in that the wearer either looks like a prat, or if it is particularly discreet, comes across like a schizophrenic talking to God. However, given that I have no particular desire to irradiate my brain with microwaves for prolonged periods, I have been thinking long and hard about a possible solution, and by Jove, I think I have it!

The obvious and elegant solution is a Bluetooth-enabled parrot which would perch on your shoulder, pirate-style. Not only would this lend you a certain rakish air on the Number 73 bus, it would make it entirely clear to fellow passengers and the man in the street that you are perfectly sane and merely engaged in a conversation with a friend. "
....Researchers (well, Jakob Nielsen) have found that the most irritating thing about overheard mobile phone conversations is that they can only hear one half of the conversation. By simply using a concealed loudspeaker in said parrot, mental irritation of your fellows would be significantly reduced.

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