Sunday, April 25, 2004
Butler transported to federal prison
University Daily: "For the next two years, former Texas Tech Health Sciences Center professor and internationally known plague researcher Dr. Thomas Butler will be known in prison as inmate number 30011-177.

Butler voluntarily surrendered and was transported to Federal Medical Center in Fort Worth on Wednesday, said Dick Baker, assistant U.S. attorney.

Butler was convicted of 47 felony counts of embezzlement and mail and wire fraud in December. His convictions related to a bubonic plague scare that prompted an FBI investigation in January 2003.

Butler was arrested after falsely reporting 30 vials of bubonic plague missing to FBI officials. He reported the vials stolen, but later wrote a letter confessing they had been mistakenly destroyed.

Although he was not convicted of destroying the infected vials, he was convicted of exporting hazardous materials to Tanzania via Federal Express. He was also fined $250,000 for engaging in shadow contracts with pharmaceutical companies while employed by Texas Tech."

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