Monday, April 05, 2004
old school OS
Devicelogics™, Inc., providers of DOS- and Linux-based embedded systems technologies, today began shipping DR-DOS 8.0, the latest version of this industry standard embedded operating system. Most noteworthy among enhancements to DR-DOS 8.0 is its new FAT32/large partition support, enabling this stable OS to keep up with market demand for DOS-based embedded solutions built on FAT32 platforms.

“DR-DOS is the fastest-to-market, the most reliable—and with new FAT32 and Linux extensions—the absolute best operation system for single-task embedded devices,” said Bryan Sparks, co-founder and CEO, Devicelogics.

Fortune 500 companies continue to depend on DOS-based devices to deliver their day-to-day services. DR-DOS is widely deployed by industry leading company’s using single-application, single-task systems including barcode scanners, kiosks, handheld inventory management systems, medical systems, satellite dishes, video gaming devices and fast food order processing systems. DR-DOS is especially valuable to large-volume embedded system OEMs.

“Arguably, DOS remains one of the most stable OS environments,” said Troy Tribe, Co-Founder and Principal, Devicelogics. “With the enhancements included in version 8.0, DR-DOS will continue to be deployed on embedded devices where stability, ease-of-deployment and speed-of-deployment are king.”

DR-DOS 8.0 is immediately available as a web download and costs $200 for a 5-user license pack. Non-royalty volume licensing options are available.

Visit www.devicelogics.comfor a complete listing of product features and additional details.

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