Sunday, April 25, 2004
JetStar International Airlines Sues Qantas Airways Ltd. for Copyright and Trademark Infringement
Press Release:April 20, 2004

On Dec 1, 2003 Qantas Airways Ltd announced the launch of their new low cost carrier named 'Jetstar.' and

Unfortunately for Qantas, the name JetStar used in conjunction with the airline industry was an already legally trademarked brand by JetStar International Airlines, at

Beginning at least four years ago, JetStar International Airlines, was the first and only company ever to use the trademark 'JetStar' in conjunction with an airline or air carrier of any kind, and have enjoyed a peaceful and productive time with their superior trademark and domain. Quoting JetStar's CEO Gene Bordelon, 'When I formed this virtual airline four years ago, I went to great lengths naming and branding it so uniquely that the odds would be remote in the extreme that it would ever be exactly copied, unintentionally or coincidentally to avoid any copyright problems.' He continued by stating 'It's unbelievable that Qantas could come up with the same name, essentially the same logo design, and substantially the same silver livery as ours by chance. Even our domain name clearly states who and what we are. I knew when I named the airline 'JetStar' it along with our signature livery would be a very powerful and recognizable trademark brand. Qantas and their ad agency obviously also recognized this.

The website operated by JetStar International Airlines caters to the airline simulation industry. JetStar Airlines has received many accolades for their unique fleet and website design, and prior to the December 1 decision by Qantas, JetStar's website was the highest and only return for 'JetStar Airlines' on every general search engines such as, among others for three years running. "

jaynote: the implications are very interesting... since it's the first time I know of that a physical company has so grossly infringed on a virtual company.

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