Sunday, April 04, 2004
Roblogs ~~~~~ Jay Kusnetz
anthropomorphizespace probes, and give them a blog, and this is what you get

(Since the journals are in reverse date order, I suggest you
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it started with Spirit Rover,spirita gothy 15yo girl who posts angsty poetry, and was prone to periods of being non-communicative

She was joined by her perky twin sister Opportunitygrrl, oportunity who has a massive crush on

Stardust stardust a young male explorer who is, to quote Opportunitygrrl,  "into soil sampling too, and he does work on COMETS! is that not just so awesome?!!"

Sojourner pathfinder has been hanging out on Mars, feeling "a bit rundown". She is also a young girl, very self conscious of her small size, and a bit jealous of the other 2 rovers

Lavochkin M-71 mars3  has also been hanging out on Mars, since 1971. From his user bio:
I am Mars 3, superior space exploration technology of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. With Comrade PROP-M, I explore Mars for the greater glory of the Soviet People and to undermine the thinly veiled attempts at interplanetary oppression by the capitalist United States and their "Viking" missions. For Comrade Secretary Brezhnev, for Comrade Lenin, I advance, inspired by the Beautiful Socialist Cause!

even the planet Mars  MARS  has a blog, and he's getting cranky from "that RAT thing poking him"

It's not all Mars, as Venus is home to Venera 14  venera another Soviet lander, and a nice old guy.

Hubble's  hubblebeen feeling depressed since he found he won't be getting more visitors, but he is concentrating on his artwork, and occasional bad puns.

Voyager v and Voyager 2  v aren't saying much as they race to termination shock

Cassini c  is enroute to Saturn, taking pictures and tending to digress a bit when describing the trip. He is accompanied by Huygens the probe which will be dropped into Titan.

Contour c (Comet Nucleus Tour) is bitter over being abandoned by NASA, but is trying  to take a shot at being positive by posting a personal ad

GOES - Sibling Rivalry: Satellite Style
Hi- we're the Geostationary Weather Satellites! LiveJournal is hottest fad this side of the atmosphere so we decided we'd get one too.

There are 3 of us and since we're all linked we'll be sharing this journal. We want to make sure that, just like the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, you get full coverage!

There are three of us currently.
eGOES-12 (aka GOES-EAST)- I'm 12 and let me tell you there is always a whole lot going on here. I monitor primarily the Eastern US and Atlantic ocean. Click here to see my schedule. My busy season is over the summer as *I* am the satellite that tracks all the important hurricane action.Launch date: 7/21/01

gGOES-10 (aka GOES-WEST)- 12 thinks she's all that because she tracks SOME hurricanes. Big deal- I've got Hawaii and California. My weather may be nicer but that just leaves me more time to do other things. (Did I mention 12 is full of herself?) Click here for my sched.
Launch date: 4/25/97

9GOES-9 (aka GOES-PACIFIC)- Ocean day in, ocean day out. Occasionally I'll get a cool hurricane but most days it's blue, blue, blue. I'm tired. I'm bored. Please put me in storage so I can join 8 and 11. I would give you my schedule, but it's just the Pacific Ocean. Blue, lots of blue.
Launch date: 5/23/95

We also have two "inactive" siblings, 8 (launched 4/13/94) and 11 (launched 5/3/00). We're also getting a little brother! GOES-N will be coming up to join us soon.

fuse_sat f  Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer has a hot romance going on with GEOS-10

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