Sunday, April 04, 2004
Digital Media Thoughts - Digital Media News & Views
Digital Media Thoughts - Digital Media News & Views: "the PV-GS120, a 3CCD camera, for only $699 USD MSRP. To understand why this is such a big deal, you need to look at the other cameras on the market today. The term CCD (Charge Coupled Device) referrs to the light sensor the 'sees' what's going on. Single CCD systems have one sensor to record red, blue, and green. This is typical of most digital cameras today, both still and video. A three CCD system, however, has one sensor per primary colour type - the result is a much truer-to-life image. Especially in video, 3CCD systems make an enormous difference in quality, and thus are highly coveted. Pansonic defines their 3CCD system like this:

'The remarkable 3CCD camera system is the same type that's used in Panasonic professional broadcasting equipment to deliver an incomparable overall picture. Color is reproduced with great fidelity as a separate CCD is used for the reds, greens and blues that compose an image. The result is great detail with up to 540 lines of breathtaking resolution.'"

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