Thursday, February 05, 2004
TCPalm: Wptv: "While progress is being made on the technical front for the grounded shuttle fleet's return to flight, perhaps as early as this fall, Clark says not enough is being done to fix NASA's crucial cultural issues.

'How do I know that? I have eyes and ears. People come to me,' he says. 'I'm not talking about little petty things. I'm talking about fundamental issues, about not listening.'

Clark goes on. 'Look, let's face this. I mean, if you read the Challenger reports and you read the Columbia ones and just change 'O-ring' for 'foam,' you see there's this underlying concern there. ... It can't be one of those things where dissension is suppressed.'

It's important to be open and frank about the crew survivability issues, Clark says, especially considering a new spaceship is on the horizon and lifesaving improvements could be made."

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