Thursday, February 05, 2004
GUST - Global Underwater Search Team: "Is Nessie a monster hagfish?

Nessie fans would hate it. Businessmen in Scotland would boycott it. And local researchers wouldn�t embrace it either. But the question needs to be asked: Is Nessie a hagfish? Divers who met the monster up close say�s they�ve never seen such a grotesque animal before and the hagfishes strange behavior could explain why nothing is found, when Loch Ness are searched with the most advanced technology in the world.

The hagfish (Myxine glutinosa) looks like a giant slimy worm and can be up to 80 cm long. There are about 20 species of hagfishes in the world, all living in the sea.

Hagfish dig tunnels on the bottom, which they escape into when they are in danger. Every hagfish has its own hole which can be found very fast, even if they�re miles away."

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