Thursday, February 05, 2004
Sears CEO Alan Lacy sings praises of offshore outsourcing
Computerworld: "'And I think that the fact that we now have potentially the ability to outsource to people who this is their business, they're going to have an incentive -- because it is their business to keep more state-of-the-art in terms of the quality of the financial systems, the HR systems and so on. I think that to some degree, just the nature of IT spending is that we have scarce resources in IT. Resources being scarce is going to lead to, I think, acceleration of outsourcing for some of the more administrative-like functions.

'But I think, beyond that, to me, a very interesting trend right now is the whole non-U.S. opportunity that's available, and ... if you think about personal intelligence and drive being randomly distributed by population -- you know, there are four or five times as many smart, driven people in China than there are in the U.S. And there's another four or five, three or four times as many people in India that are smarter or as smart or have more drive. And if technology is now going to basically reduce location as a barrier to competition, then essentially you've got something like whatever that was, seven or nine times, more smart, committed people that are now competing in this marketplace against certain activities.

'So, I think that the outsourcing potential -- particularly of some of the more commodity-like knowledge worker activities -- we're just beginning to see the first of that curve. I think that, just given the nature of technology and given the nature of those workforces, and given the fact that we've had a decrease in the supply, prices are going to fall."

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