Thursday, February 05, 2004
Overstock's President rides cluetrain, Company Profile

jaynote: very human, honest letter attached to quartly report

"I am warned that a letter such as this has risks. A lawyer told me that my use of this more colloquial style may be misconstrued, saying: "everything you write will be Exhibit A in a lawsuit against you," (but lawyers say that about most things)......Lastly, cynics claim that my candor is but an attempt to pump my stock by drawing investors looking for someone who does not pump his stock: I am flattered to have attributed to me such Machiavellian subtlety! (And I suggest they look up Popper's Falsification Principle.)"

"In June 2003, the leadership of Worldstock was assumed by a brilliant Afghani woman who understands Worldstock in a visceral way (she escaped the Taliban and learned English in a Pakistani refugee camp)....... it now employs about 4,000 artisans in the developing world....... we are undertaking a highly focused initiative so that we may become by June the largest private employer in Afghanistan."

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