Saturday, February 21, 2004
Holographic storage enters blue era "Inphase Technologies, a spin-out from Lucent Technologies' Bell Labs, US, claims to have developed the world's first holographic storage material that uses blue laser light to store data. The media called 'Tapestry HDS5000' will be used in the Colorado-based firm's first generation of 200 GB holographic drives which are due to hit the market by 2006.

The disc material, which is photosensitive to blue light between 400 and 410 nm, is also being offered to other drive developers as a 120 or 130 mm diameter discs or 3x3 / 2x3 inch slides........
...According to Liz Murphy, director of marketing at InPhase, the firm has a roadmap to develop 130 mm diameter discs that store up to 1.6Tb of data by 2010. She also says the technology will be cost effective. "We aim to reach 25 cents per Gigabyte, that's just $50 for a 200Gb disc."

jaynote: current hard drive prices
120 gig = $89
160 gig = $110
200 gig = $150
I could see this being a good alternative to DLT tapes

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