Sunday, February 22, 2004
Where Were You When Cloak And Dagger Was Killed?: "The conspiracy spouting radio show is off the air. The producers say Bush told Martin to pull the plug and Mulroney finished it off...

The plug has been pulled on Cloak and Dagger, Toronto's top-rated, late-night conspiracy radio talk show. Not surprisingly, its producers are claiming it's all a conspiracy.

Independent producer Nelson Thall says he was notified by MOJO 640 program director Scott Armstrong last week that the station (CFMJ) had decided to replace Cloak and Dagger -- the highest-rated show in its Thursday, 11 p.m. to 2 a.m., time slot, according to the Bureau of Broadcast Measurement -- with a comedy show.

But Thall isn't buying the official rationale. He thinks the show, which explores alleged conspiracies that include the assassinations of John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., the deaths of John F. Kennedy Jr. and Princess Diana, and the events of Sept. 11, 2001, was 'upsetting people in high places.'

'I'm a modern-day Howard Beale,' he said, alluding to the star of the 1976 movie Network. 'They killed my show because our ratings are too high. We did our job too well, revealing state secrets the shadow government doesn't want you to know.'"

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