Thursday, February 05, 2004
America Can't Get Enough of Janet Jackson's Right Breast!: "XXXX DRUDGE RETORT XXXX 10:51:18 UTC FEB 02 2004 XXXX

In the past 12 hours, the Drudge Retort has received 100 times as much traffic as usual because of Internet users seeking a peek at Janet Jackson's exposed right breast.

Jackson's metal-encrusted mammary was displayed unexpectedly by Justin Timberlake at the close of the MTV-produced halftime show during the Super Bowl. Serious newsman Matt Drudge was outraged by the stunt, taking great offense at the notion that CBS would expose millions of people to a momentary glimpse of female frontal nudity during the 'dinner hour.'

To demonstrate his concern, Drudge is exposing millions of people to detailed glimpses of female frontal nudity.

The photos:
* Janet and Justin photo 1
* Extreme close-up lovingly digitized by Matt Drudge
* Janet and Justin photo 2

Shame on you, CBS!"

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