Tuesday, February 17, 2004
Ananova - Man drops world's biggest rubber band ball out of a plane: "A Welshman spent five years creating the world's biggest rubber band ball - then dropped it out of a plane to see if it would bounce.

Tony Evans, 54, from Swansea, dropped the one-tonne record-breaking ball from a mile up over Arizona.

It took 20 seconds to hit the ground and created a 4ft wide crater and a 20ft cloud of dust - but did not bounce.

The ball collapsed on impact and the remains stayed firmly in the bottom of the crater, reports the Daily Record.

Mr Evans, who earned a place in the Guinness Book of Records with his ball, said: 'It was my pride and joy.

'People were always asking me what would happened if the ball was dropped from a great height. Would it bounce or explode? No one knew.

'I'd have loved to see it bounce up into the sky. But it was an incredible sight.'

A TV show paid for the ball to be dropped out of a plane above the Mojave Desert and a skydiving cameraman filmed its descent."

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