Sunday, February 22, 2004
Amish Tech Support: "Were you alive when MTV first started? Were you one of the lucky few to actually have cable back then? Most likely you weren't. There were a whole 3 people who had cable when MTV made its debut with the classic choice of 'Video Killed the Radio Star'. Less known is that the second video played on MTV was Jocko Homo, and DEVO dominated MTV for nearly 4 years. After that, the channel became popular, and if you put out an album, you simply had to put out a video as well.
Now, fast forward to.. uhhh.. now. Right now. You never hear DEVO on the radio anymore, and I think MTV would rather go off the air than show a DEVO video.
Not to worry though, the spirit of DEVO is alive and well.
What you say? Take a guess. Noooo. Nope. Ah, good guess you sicko, but not there either.

If you have kids, you hear DEVO songs every day.
Mr. Mark Mothersbaugh, who is going to be 54 this year, has taken all of his music talent and production know-how, and spun that into a career as the most prolific commercial, film, and television score producer/writer/artist in history. No shit, that tall guy in DEVO with the funny hats and mini scooters has written and performed the music you and your kids have been listening to in the background since 1986.

Let see, we have the themes for Pee-Wee's Playhouse, Beakman's World, Rugrats, Ronald McDonald's Wacky Adventures, Rocket Power, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Even Stevens, and Oswald the Octopus. That was just a small sample of the kids TV shows he's credited in. There are over 50 movies, 100s of TV shows, and thousands of commercials he's either created the music for, licensed DEVO songs for, or produced.

The point to all of this? Mr. M is not only the worlds most famous SubG, but.. well, lets hear it in his own words.

'We were just asked to collaborate on some projects for McDonald's which would include doing in-store merchandising for them, creating albums worth of music which would impart the message of Ronald McDonald and Barbie. Little do they know, our clients, that it would be through the filter of DEVO. Our subliminal messages would be fully intact, and attached on like antioxidants working their way into the system.'"

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