Thursday, February 05, 2004
Student Caught In Racial Controversy "Flyers Promote White Student For African-American Award

POSTED: 6:39 AM CST January 22, 2004
UPDATED: 8:17 AM CST January 23, 2004
OMAHA, Neb. -- Four Westside High School students are suspended for promoting a white student for an African-American award. Trevor Richards

More than 150 flyers (pictured, below right) were distributed throughout the school Monday. They featured junior Trevor Richards (pictured, left), A South African native who moved to the United States in 1997.

Westside officials say the flyers were were quickly removed because they were inappropriate and insensitive to black students.

Trevor said he is as African as anyone else.

'I had no intent of hurting anyone or offending anyone. I wasn't trying to make a statement. I was just running for the award, but i guess the administration felt differently,' Richards said.

Richards was suspended for two days.

Two other students were disciplined for putting up the posters and another student was punished for starting a petition to promote Richards."

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