Saturday, January 17, 2004
Student working as costumed character assaulted
"Over the past year, Lincecum, a Huntsville High School senior, has been assaulted three times while outfitted in the fuzzy, 11-foot-tall bird costume he wears to hawk wares at a Katy Freeway furniture store. The latest attack was Saturday afternoon, when he was ambushed by five teenagers on skateboards.

Lincecum attempted to give chase, but ... well, that's no easy task in an oversized bird suit. So he called for help from his cell phone. Deputies from the Harris County Sheriff's Department quickly picked up a group of juveniles, and assault charges are pending against two of them.

More frustrating to Lincecum, he said, was that no motorists along the busy Interstate 10-West Fry Road intersection stopped to help or call police while he was being beaten. One customer at Mattresses for Less, 20025 Katy Freeway, even told him that when she saw the incident, she decided she would come in to buy a bed."

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