Tuesday, January 13, 2004
Ars Technica: A Jade Keynote: Macworld San Francisco 2004 - Page 1 - (1/2004): Garage Band is . . . sublime. It is the music tool for everyone, pro-quality musical instruments, mixing 64 tracks, a thousand pro loops — all the buzzwords. What I think it might be is a revolution. Twenty years after bringing desktop publishing to the masses, giving everyone the power to create really bad brochures and church bulletins, Apple has done it again. Garage Band makes it possible for even the most computer illiterate and tone deaf individual to make horrible music through drag and drop simplicity and brightly colored icons, complete with incredible sample instruments that may very well be the first "clip art" of the 21st century. Rejoice and be glad — Music by the People! (There was some guy named Mayer there, dressed in that rough hewn cotton Matrix Revolutions look too)

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