Saturday, January 24, 2004
An Online Dating Service Dedicated to Solving Dating:
In the Near Future, Dating Will Be Solved.
Finding Your Soulmate and Love Will Be a Lot Easier.
We have found the solution to solve dating once and for all.
Help solve dating. Support a campaign to launch our revolutionary dating service.

We have launched the dating solution to solve dating on January 1, 2004.
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Tranforming Google Into a Free Dating Service

Highlights from The Soulmate Manifesto
Modern Soulmate Theory Explaining soulmates using probabilities.
Soulmate Calculator Based on population statistics, how many American singles you have to met to find a soulmate?
Love Economics A new love theory to promote intelligent dating by explaining love using simple math equations.
Evidence of Soulmates Proof that soulmates and true love exist.
Online Dating Services Learn why online dating services do not work.
SolveDating's Dating Service A dating service that will solve dating using social networking theories, love economics, and emerging technologies."

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