Saturday, January 24, 2004
Screenwriting - Interview -- Scott Peters by Reg Seeton
UGO Screenwriter's Voice : "USA Network picked up and ordered six episodes of the upcoming sci-fi series The 4400, created by former Outer Limits producer, director and writer, Scott Peters. As we also reported, the series will... 'follow the lives of 4,400 alien abductees upon their return to Earth by unknown forces.' What can small-screen fans expect from this new venture into the unknown? If you're picturing what you've already come to know and expect from past alien oriented shows, you may want to wipe the imagination slate clean for this one. Working in conjunction with co-executive producer Francis Ford Coppola, Peters and The 4400 team are aiming for a higher standard; one that explores the deeper facets of our human condition and the resulting impact of one profound, distressing event.

With our ears to the ground, keen to learn more about both the show and the writer, we recently caught up with Scott Peters, who shared his thoughts on everything from how he got his start in the business, to the changing opportunity for television writers today, his professional experiences working on past shows, what fans can expect from The 4400, and how aspiring television writers can break into the industry."

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