Saturday, January 24, 2004
SpaceDev Lunar Lander Simulator

SpaceDev is consistantly striving to help facilitate humankind's inevitable venture into space. In collaboration with Beltminer Inc., a lunar lander concept demo has been completed to simulate future lunar missions that will combine adventure and exploration with actual business and technology challenges.
Download the simulator, take control of your very own lunar lander and then sit back and enjoy the ride!

An orbiting vehicle based on SpaceDev’s (OTCBB: SPDV) real-life MoTV-powered space tug is used by would-be astronauts in the “Lunar Lander” simulator game, where post-modern space cadets maneuver the vehicle in “Lunar orbit” with a fixed amount of propellant. Seeking a laser beacon from the Moon's surface marking a site with water, the goal of the game is to guide, and safely land, the vehicle at the base of the laser marker. A safe landing at that location refills the vehicle's tanks, readying it for another mission.
The game simulator can be downloaded free of charge from the product page.

The innovative simulated Lunar Lander game is being produced in conjunction with game producer Beltminer, and being released by SpaceDev as part of its commitment to designing missions and spacecraft for the Mars and Lunar arenas. Beltminer, Inc. created the popular Beltminer Claim Stake, a 3D dexterity game about asteroid mining in our solar system. For more information, visit

The free game-like Lunar Lander simulator also encapsulates the concept of claiming and utilizing the valuable natural resources contained on the Moon, on Near Earth Asteroids (NEAs), and on Mars, stimulating and supporting the expansion of the human race into space through commercial private sector ventures.
"I founded SpaceDev to build and fly space missions beyond earth’s orbit like many of us have dreamed of since childhood. I intend this game to stimulate more interest in space among space enthusiasts both young and old, and have them ride the wave of commercial space innovation and exploration,” said Company founding chairman and chief executive, Jim Benson.

Since 1997, the Company has designed the Near Earth Asteroid Prospector (NEAP), Mars MicroMissions for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and a commercial Lunar orbiter for Boeing, and a robotic Lunar Dish Observatory for Lunar Enterprise Corporation.

“There are vast natural resources in space, like water – ‘the White Gold of space.’ We can use these resources as stepping-stones for humanity to explore the Moon, the asteroids and Mars, and beyond to the stars," commented Benson.

Today, reaching earth’s orbit puts us only halfway to anywhere in the Solar System. Technological space-age development is clearing the way for larger and more aggressive missions. The Lunar Lander simulator game reveals just how current revolutionary technology might further the evolution of human civilization into outer space.

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