Saturday, January 24, 2004
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What Are Words For? So that you can express yourself. And you really should learn to
express yourself correctly.


DICTION REFERS to the choice of words used to express an idea. Here are some words that may cause confusion if you choose them for the wrong purpose. Sometimes they sound like the term you want, or they've been misused so constantly that they sound right to you.

ASSURE: to promise. We can assure you of a great stay in our B&B.
ENSURE: to make certain. You can ensure success by careful planning.
INSURE: to guarantee against loss. Here's how to insure all your valuables with one policy.

COUNTRY: the territory of a nation. Canada is a very large country.
NATION: the people of a country. Canadians are a largely peaceable nation.

DISC: correct spelling for all non-computer references: a compact disc, a herniated disc.
DISK: correct spelling for computer references: a ZIP disk, a floppy disk.

and many more...

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