Monday, September 06, 2004
Discover Wizmark, the interactive urinal communicator, its advertising you can't help, but look at. An idea so original it has everyone talking. Wizmark is based on one unwritten rule; when using a urinal, never stare at the person next to you. Every male knows that when he is using a urinal, he can look anyway he wants, except left or right. realizing this unwritten code, the appeal of the concept is that it's assures your ad will effectively reach the elusive male audience. Wizmark is undoubtedly the perfect advertising medium for men of all ages.

One-of-a-kind, fully functional interactive devices, Wizmark can talk, sing, or even flash promotional messages. The large anti-glare, water-proof viewing screens are strategically located just above the drain to ensure guaranteed viewing without interruptions. Using the elements of surprise and humor in a truly unique location, Wizmark, and your ad, will make a lasting impression on every male that sees it."

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