Monday, September 06, 2004
Secretary Of State Bans Electronic Voting "With harsh criticism, California Secretary of State Kevin Shelley ordered the plug pulled on all touch-screen voting machines in the state because of concerns over security.

A total of 14 counties and millions of voters were planning to use touch-screens on Election Day in November.

The decision goes beyond the recommendations that an advisory panel made earlier this week. It means four California counties that use a specific model of touch-screen machine will definitely have to find another voting system, and 10 other counties that use similar systems will have to do the same, unless the makers of the machines take steps to guarantee every vote gets counted.

'I came about this close to banning outright and decertifying outright with no possibility of reprieve in those 10 counties, as well,' Shelley said.

Shelley was upset because touch-screens, and specifically those made by a company called Diebold, have been accused of being vulnerable to computer hackers, who might change votes.

Last month in San Diego, elections officials had trouble just starting the machines and told some voters to come back later.

'While we are disappointed that the Secretary of State did not go all the way on this recommendation, he did make a historic step today in the decision he announced,' said California Voter Foundation spokeswoman Kim Alexander.

To get back their certification by November, the touch-screen makers will have to do one of two things: come up with a way to create a paper trail so that votes can be checked and recounted if necessary, or put in place a list of 23 security rules with which to prevent the machines from being tampered.

'I have taken the additional step, and I have the letter here just signed upstairs of asking the Attorney General to pursue criminal and civil actions against Diebold in this matter,' Shelley said."

You do realize that this story was from April of this year? Much has happened since then.
yeh, I have a ton of stories dating back to March I'm just catching up on posting.
Date got messed up on this on this one
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