Monday, September 06, 2004
Take One for the Country
OTOFTC Article: "'So you want to know how Take One for the Country started?'. McDonough leans back in her chair, 'It was back in February of 2003, when a lot of troops were leaving Ft. Benning. My girlfriends and I were partying at a bar frequented by soldiers. At some point one my friend leaves with a young soldier. The next day we questioned her and commented that the soldier didn't seem her 'type'. My friend just shrugged and said, 'Hey, his unit was going to ship out in a few days, so I decided to take one for the country', I knew right then and there that this was an incredible idea, so I started Operation Take One for the Country'.

McDonough energetically describes exactly what Operation Take One for the Country does, 'First, a military operation would not be a military operation unless we used an acronym, in this case, Op T.O.F.T.C., or as we say 'To-FutK'. Essentially we organize, discreetly, single girls to frequent bars and restaurants near military bases and, well, Take One for the Country, with members of the military, especially those about to go overseas'. As McDonough describes it, TOFTC volunteers work in secrecy, 'We're not out there with signs or badges. We are completely covert, you could not tell a TOFTC member from anyone else in the bar, and that is essential to the success of the Op'."

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