Thursday, September 09, 2004
Kinder painting sold for $75,000
Herald Sun: [06jul04]: "A KINDERGARTEN painting fetched a staggering $75,000 after a bidding war between two rich parents erupted at a school fundraising event.

The colourful abstract of children and animals - painted by a preschool class at St Catherine's school, in Toorak - became an object of fierce competition when the rivals decided they both wanted it.

Crazy John's mobile phone millionaire John Ilhan, who had two daughters at the school, confirmed the outlandish price was paid - but not by him. He pulled out when things 'got seriously out of hand'.
Mr Ilhan said his eldest daughter, whose classmates all contributed to the painting, had her heart set on taking it home.
Mr Ilhan described the work - 100cm by 70cm acrylic on canvas - as colourful and typical of infant art.
'There were a couple of children on it, a couple of animals and a flower, at least I think that's what they were,' Mr Ilhan said. 'Lots of blues and other colours.'
Mr Ilhan said he was as surprised as anyone when the painting started generating interest worthy of masterpieces.
Experts say $75,000 would buy a classic by renowned artists Arthur Boyd, Norman Lindsay or Brett Whiteley"

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