Sunday, September 19, 2004
Couple in hospital after oral sex accident
Ananova : "A couple have reportedly ended up in hospital after painfully finding out that oral sex and cooking don't mix.

The woman is said to have bitten the man's penis after he spilt hot oil on her back as she performed the sex act while he made pancakes.

It is the second similar accident in Romania in two years. In November 2000, Ananova reported how the same thing happened to a couple in Bucharest as a man was frying chips.

The embarrassed young couple in the latest episode have asked doctors in Craiova not to reveal their identities.

The man came to hospital with his penis severely bitten, while his girlfriend had burns on her back and an injury in her head.

A paramedic says the surprised man hit her on the head with the pan after his penis was bitten, reports Romania's Editie de Oltenia newspaper. They were both allowed home after treatment."

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