Sunday, September 19, 2004
Inventing the Suicide Bomber
The American Spectator: "Steve Englehart has no clear recollection of inventing the suicide bomber.

'Two factors come into play to limit what I can give you here,' he writes in response to my e-mail. 'The story's over 30 year[s] old, and, it was, as noted, not one of the AVENGERS stories that's garnered a lot of attention in those 30 years, so whatever memories I may have have not been jogged much in the interim.'

The story in question appeared in Avengers 113, dated July 1973 and titled 'And Your Young Men Shall Slay Visions,' during Englehart's lengthy stint as scripter on what was then Marvel Comics' flagship superhero team. (The now-wildly popular X-Men were then obscure.) Given Englehart's workload in those days, it's not in itself surprising that a single issue of a single title should slip his mind."

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