Monday, May 31, 2004
Thomasville Times Enterprise - Internet Edition:
"Nelson Winbush knows his voice isn't likely to be heard above the crowd that writes American history books. That doesn't keep him from speaking his mind, however.

A 75-year-old black man whose grandfather proudly fought in the gray uniform of the South during the Civil War, Winbush addressed a group of about 40 at the Thomas County Museum of History Sunday afternoon. To say the least, his perspective of the war differs greatly from what is taught in America's classrooms today.

'People have manufactured a lot of mistruths about why the war took place,' he said. 'It wasn't about slavery. It was about state's rights and tariffs.'

Many of Winbush's words were reserved for the Confederate battle flag, which still swirls amid controversy more than 150 years after it originally flew.

'This flag has been lied about more than any flag in the world,' Winbush said. 'People see it and they don't really know what the hell they are looking at.'"

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