Sunday, May 16, 2004
Agents Seeks Leads in Greek Bombing
Yahoo! News: "To most Greeks, the three bomb blasts outside a suburban police station early Wednesday were not an act of unsettling terrorism. Instead, such attacks are widely viewed in Greece as the work of fringe radical groups that do not threaten the general public.

'We are used to having these small incidents that cause some damage but don't really create any problems,' said Maria Bossi, a former member of Greece's anti-terrorism commission. 'Greeks aren't used to seeing this type of terrorism as a security problem.'

Dozens of firebomb attacks and bombings occur in Athens each year, but most target banks or government offices after work hours and rarely cause injuries. A variety of groups have claimed responsibility.

Greek authorities have been reluctant to invest serious resources to chase down suspects, fearful of touching off a violent backlash. Tougher street policies have been repeatedly urged by a seven-nation Olympic security advisory task force, which includes the United States, Britain and Israel."

jaynote: WTF???

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