Monday, May 31, 2004
MC with goddamned standards across freaking platforms - m4w
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Date: Mon Apr 26 12:51:21 2004

Holy high hopping christ, someone needs to take Bill Gates' cock and Steve Jobs' ass and fit them together like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle until they both learn to like it. I'm THROUGH dealing with these cross-platform inconsistencies like px size and dpi differences and in-line CSS not matching on Safari vs. IE6. GET ALONG! NOW! I don't CARE if you want to quibble over iPods and Dell DJ's, no one uses .wma ANYWAY, and Quark is just a euphamism for 'almost as good as InDesign but more expensive and also buggier,' so if you must have your giggles, you can get your jollies grudging on these and leave us hard-working, blue-collar, EXTREMELY PISSED OFF web developers and designers a-fucking-lone. Just for God's sake - and mine (yes, one of the few times God and I are both on the same side. So you KNOW you're wrong) - SETTLE your differences on PIXEL MEASUREMENTS.

I hate you both."

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