Sunday, May 30, 2004
Low Dose Radiation, Hormesis, and Radiation Protection Policy Fraud
RSH was organized by independent individuals, knowledgeable about radiation health effects science, and associated public policies. They address the fact that data is misrepresented, and public funds wasted, to support radiation protection policy, and to prevent the application of hormesis effects of low dose radiation in medical applications, that are detrimental to public health.
# These individuals are committed to change public policy in the public interest
# (often at personal sacrifice). They report the extensive deliberate science, and advocate for appropriate research. They have negligible financial support vs. $100s millions from governments to "study" and "assess" radiation health effects (to "scientists" with substantial conflicts of interest).

We have compiled some of the extensive, valid, scientific results from the peer-reviewed literature that document no effects at significant doses, and radiation hormesis effects: The data that are consistently ignored by government agencies and their "review bodies."

Government fosters public fear of radiation, supporting extreme radiation protection policies, and limiting low dose radiation medical alternatives to drugs.

Public radiation protection costs/funds exceed US $1 Trillion that provide NO public health benefit.

* Radiation limits are to levels less than 0.1% of just the variation in natural background radiation (requiring massive public funds).
* This funding causes millions of people to die prematurely, and beneficial low dose radiation applications are suppressed, even though shown to effectively prevent and treat cancer, infections, and other diseases.

The research data and analyses are not adequately considered by radiation protection agencies. They presume, despite the data, that low-level radiation causes adverse health effects. Current knowledge of biology and carcinogenesis refute this presumption.

Biology and radiation scientists characterize the use of the LNT as "without scientific foundation," as "a deeply immoral use of our scientific heritage," (Dr. Lauriston Taylor), and as "the greatest scientific scandal of the 20thCentury," (Dr. Gunnar Walinder). Equivalent statements by credible scientists are in the RSH Brochure, and more extensively in the "RSH Data Document," Section 1.9 - Conclusions.

This partial data summary is continuously updated from existing and new scientific results, with hundreds of studies that contradict the LNT, especially from extensive efforts by Dr. T.D. Luckey, Dr. Sohei Kondo, and others who have "compiled the data" that show hormesis effects that contradict the "linear, no-threshold" hypothesis; and data that falsely claim to support the LNT. These voluminous data sources are in contrast to the few, generally poor and biased, and non-scientific, "studies" that are mischaracterized to rationalize and justify continued use of the LNT, and to foster public fear - to support self-serving, costly, radiation protection policies, and drug regimens.

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