Monday, May 10, 2004
Off the Shelf
CIO Magazine May 1,2004:
Two books plead the case that ignorance of the law can be either costly or self-destructive"

Make the Rules or Your Rivals Will
By G. Richard Shell
Crown Publishing Group, 2004, $27.50

WHERE WILL hard work combined with a good product and business plan get a company? Next to nowhere, unless the people in charge learn how to exploit the legal and legislative systems their business operates in. This decidedly un-Horatio Alger-like philosophy is the foundation for Wharton B-school professor G. Richard Shell's argument that skill in using the law for competitive advantage is a requirement—not an option.

Software Agreements Line by Line: A Detailed Look at Software Agreements & How to Change Them to Fit Your Needs
By Michael Overly and James R. Kalyvas
Aspatore Books, 2004, $49.95 licensing has long been about vendors maximizing revenue and minimizing accountability, while CIOs have stood by and even resisted taking an active role in changing that fact. This book sets out to change all that. The authors offer up a sample vendor agreement in the first chapter, then use the rest of the book to show CIOs how to tweak, edit and otherwise twist that agreement to their favor.

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