Saturday, March 13, 2004
Penguins' pooing powers revealed
CBBC Newsround: "Penguins have extraordinary pooing powers, according to a team of scientists from a German university.

They went to the Antarctic to study the creatures, and found they shoot their poo 38 centimetres from their nests.

The scientists worked out the penguins' poo comes out at more than four times the force a human can manage.

It might seem pretty gross, but the penguins are doing it to be clean. They don't want their poo to mess up their feathers or nests, the scientists said.

However, further research has revealed that penguins are not the super poopers of the animal kingdom.
The caterpillar of the silver-spotted skipper butterfly can shoot its poo 1.2 metres (4ft).
That's the same as humans firing their poo a massive 76m (250ft)."

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