Sunday, March 14, 2004
How Kazaa helped grow my business selling copyrighted digital media
Stupid Current Events: "By Sean

As some of you may already know, besides being a part owner, I am responsible for most of the business and marketing aspects of SuicideGirls. I have always considered myself a webdesigner or maybe webproducer, responsible for conception and managing the build of wesbites. I like making websites that make sense, are easy to use and keep people interested. Being in my mid to late twenties, and having built my first website for hire in 1995, I have never really done anything else.
But, as I said above, I am now a bizdev guy. Maybe worse: I am also a marketing guy. I am responsible for not only attracting new visitors to the website, I am responsible for ensuring that the fees they pay to be a member of the site are budgeted and managed properly so that every month I can make payroll and ensure everyone who works for SuicideGirls can pay their rent and be happy employees. Sometimes it gets close, but we always manage to keep everyone paid.
As a member of SuicideGirls you get access to a large thriving community of diverse people, your own profile page which has picture hosting, webcam hosting and a journal. Access to the community is usually used by members to meet new people, either friends or romantic partners, and we have been told it's quite addictive, like many web communities are, and it probably increases the amount of time the average person remains a member of the site. But the community is not initially why people pay to become a member of SuicideGirls for the most part. People pay to be a member of SuicideGirls because they want access to our digital content. Pin-Up (bluntly: semi-nude to nude) photos of cute punk rock girls. We have over 20,000 photos of over 200 girls on the site, all originally shot for our site and all available only on our website.
Well that was our intention anyway, for them to only be available on the website, but it didn't quite work out that way."

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