Tuesday, March 30, 2004
What's LegalMatch all about?

LegalMatch helps people find lawyers. Anyone can post a case (answer some simple questions about their legal situation) for free on the LegalMatch Web site without revealing their identity. Then, lawyers who have qualified to use our system can review your posted case, and decide whether to make an offer on your matter. When a lawyer is interested in helping you, we'll provide you with background information about that lawyer so that you can make a smart decision.

2. What does LegalMatch cost?
Nothing. LegalMatch is FREE. Both consumers and businesses can use LegalMatch for FREE to find the right lawyer for their case. There are no hidden costs, fees, or other charges.

Even after you find a lawyer using LegalMatch, there is no obligation to hire that lawyer. LegalMatch provides you with a choice of knowledgeable, competent lawyers for FREE. You can then decide to hire a lawyer, or hire no one. For matters that need extra attention or require a quicker response time, you have the option to upgrade your case to two levels of Priority Service for a nominal fee. You select which level of service your case needs (Standard-Free, Priority, or Real-time) at the end of the case posting process.

3. Why should people use LegalMatch to find the right lawyer?
Traditionally, people have found lawyers through Yellow Pages, friends, or the Bar Association. The LegalMatch founders realized that each of these resources was a poor way to find a lawyer because they did not enable the consumer to make an informed decision. The Yellow Pages are a big confusing mass of ads. Anyone can buy an ad - who knows if a particular lawyer even has a license? Referral services are no better. The Bar Association simply issues out lawyer names on a rotating basis without considering your specific needs. And friends, though probably well meaning, may steer you toward a totally inappropriate lawyer. Just because your friend knows a great tax lawyer doesn't mean that person can handle your divorce!

So, here's why using LegalMatch is the best way to find you the right lawyer:
1) We match you only with lawyers specifically qualified to handle your case.
2) All of the lawyers in our system have been carefully screened. This means they have a valid license, good standing with their State Bar association, good references, and no problems concerning their professional history.
3) We give you detailed information on lawyers who want to take your case - where they went to school, what they've accomplished in the past, and where their professional values lie. With LegalMatch, you stay in control of the process - and in the end, you can make an informed decision about hiring a lawyer.

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