Monday, August 16, 2004
IDF to treat shell shock with cannabi
Israel News : Jerusalem Post Internet Edition The IDF will soon begin using cannabis to treat
soldiers suffering from combat stress, the military
said Wednesday.

An army statement said the military medical corps and
the Hebrew University of Jerusalem would begin
treating victims of post-traumatic stress - commonly
known as shell shock - with THC, the active ingredient
in the cannabis plant. It said the treatment would
begin on an experimental basis.

"The use of THC as part of the treatment for
post-traumatic stress disorder was approved by
military and civilian committees relevant to the
subject," the statement said.

An IDF spokesman said treatment would be given to both
conscript soldiers and reservists.
jay: So... if this is sucessfull, the next logical
step is to administer it as a preventative, before the
stress producing events occur. And for humaniartian
reasons, it should be distributed to the Palastienes,
who also could use stress prevention.
With both sides under treatment, the only conflicts
will occur over who gets the last bag of Doritos.

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