Friday, August 13, 2004
Environmental Groups Get Tax Dollars from the Bush Administration, Urge Voters to Dump Bush
News from the Capital Research Center:: "A review of federal grants shows that many support relatively uncontroversial projects. But often that only frees up other nonprofit money for political advocacy. To its credit, the Bush Administration cut back on its grants to two of the most politically active environmental groups—the Natural Resources Defense Council, which specializes in filing lawsuits, and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). WWF strongly supports U.S. adoption of the Kyoto treaty, the international treaty to cut greenhouse gas emissions to combat the alleged global warming threat. In 2001, the Bush Administration rejected the treaty citing, among other problems, official U.S. government estimates that the treaty could cost the U.S. economy $400 billion per year and double a family’s monthly electric bill. Still, government officials gave NRDC $627,394 in 2003 and WWF $11,677,035 in 2004.

NRDC is now spearheading an “Environmental Accountability Fund.” The project will use advertising, celebrity events and a campus speaking tour to highlight the misdeeds of Bush environmental policies.

Perhaps the Bush Administration should spearhead an OMB Accountability Fund to highlight the ever-increasing federal assistance to environmental groups that claim their cause is being “dismantled.”"

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