Monday, August 16, 2004
Axis of Eve
Flash Alert: Snake in the Garden! Worm in the Apple!

In a distasteful attempt to exploit the World Trade Center tragedy as a platform for their political agenda, the Republican National Committee has pushed their convention date into September and has decided to come to New York City for the first time in their 150 year history.

Axis of Eve is calling upon Eves from all over to join us for a panty performance protest to take place at 6 PM on September 1st at an as-of-yet undisclosed location in Battery Park City.

Over 100 fabulous Eves will assemble wearing protest panties (bare-legged, with tights, pinned to clothing) and Axis of Eve tank tops. Some of us will wear American flags as flashing capes.

We will perform a MASS FLASH to create a media spectacle that lays bare the shameful tactics of the Bush administration and boldly demands an end to political cover-up. Show the world that the Emperor has no clothes!

To join the thong throng for this panty press event, contact"

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