Sunday, August 01, 2004
computers may be viewed as "psionic tools"
Analog Discussion BoardBy Dr. Sardonicus on Saturday, March 20, 2004 - 10:31 pm:

Well, I suppose that, in a sense, computers may be viewed as "psionic tools" -- instruments for exercising mental domination over others. Consider the following hypothetical conversation:

Y: "Oh, come on, mind control? It's just a machine."

X: "Oh yeah? We can already use this "just a machine" to make people agree to the most outrageous things. Watch this."
X then brings up a copy of the "end user license agreement" for his company's new software on his monitor.
"Look at this. We're saying our product might not work. It might wreck your hardware. And the poor schmucks agree to all this before they install it! And then, when things go wrong,..." (X laughs uproariously)

Thus endeth the hypothetical conversation. I leave you with a time-honored quote, from this very forum:

Well, There is another group of people who may be in a worse situation than those having "psychic episodes". Perfectly normal people who also have strange experiences they cannot understand or explain. And these unfortunates do not have the luxury of keeping quiet. Their experiences are so disruptive, they cannot resume the normal course of their lives until they consult "experts" who can give completely rational explanations of their bizarre problems. These experts invariably ask them humiliating questions that make these poor people out to be crazy, stupid, ignorant, inept, clumsy - and always at fault for their own difficulties.

These unhappy people are having trouble with their computer software.

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